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Mortgage Cats


NFM, Inc. (DBA NFM Lending) rescued two beautiful cats, Tabby and Refi who live at our corporate office in Linthicum, Maryland.

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Tabby: He joined the NFM family in 2001 after he was rescued by a woman who fed feral cats that were strays on the city streets of Baltimore.  She brought him to Sandra Silverman, one of the owners of NFM, who has been heavily involved in animal rescue and foster placement for years.  TabbysmallWhen he first arrived, he was named “Fatface” due to his big head and very skinny body, but as time went on and he became healthier and more well-rounded (literally), his name was changed to Tabby (there was some concern about his self-esteem).  Tabby is a carrier of FIV, the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and it was difficult to place him in an adoptive home, so NFM decided to give him a permanent home at the office.  There are several employees who share the responsibility of visiting and feeding Tabby on the weekends.  This cat has always been a survivor, and was living in some very grim surroundings when he was rescued.  He has an attitude that suggests he is dependent on no one, and that all the world exists to insure his comfort;  since we estimate his age to be at least 14, his caretakers do little to make him think otherwise.  He slowly and deliberately makes his rounds every afternoon to the many desks that offer affection and keep a bag of treats in reserve, and announces his arrival loudly at each stop.  NFM recently celebrated the 4 employees (and 1 cat) whose tenure exceeds 10 years with a large gathering at the corporate headquarters, and in true form, Tabby wandered into the meeting a little bit late, went right to the front of the room, and waited for the celebration of him to commence.


Refi: He was born to 2 stray cats that lived behind NFM’s old office in the Federal Hill section of Baltimore.  The mother was feral, and he is the spitting image of his father, only much larger.  When just a few weeks old, he was spotted on the 3rd floor wall of a home next to the office, clinging for dear life to the shingled siding, and crying as loudly as he could.RefiSmaller  The Fire Department was immediately called and a successful rescue followed, and he became the office’s newest resident.  Now 9 years old, he suffers from heart disease, and receives medication 3 times daily.  The same staff who care for Tabby on the weekends also feed and medicate Refi.  He is the sweeter of the two cats, and allows the elder Tabby to feel as if he’s the Boss.  These two would prefer that no one know they’re friends, but far too often are seen sleeping next to each other, or playing in the morning.  Refi also has a few quirks:  he won’t eat unless someone is petting him while he feeds, and he loves leather shoes;  he will drape himself across one’s foot and rub his face endlessly against their boots or loafers.  Together, these 2 rescued cats make the office a more pleasant and relaxed place to work, and add a little character to the professional environment.